Field Conditions

Coaches and Coordinators will always receive the most up-to-date information regarding field conditions, prior to it being posted on the website.

At this time, We have not received any notifications indicating that a field is unplayable.

As always, if you have home games, it is the responsibility of your Parish Soccer Program to determine whether your home field is playable or unplayable and to communicate the status to Charlie Laur at 

This decision must be made by no later than ninety minutes prior to the game time for the first game scheduled on the field. If your home field is determined to be unplayable, this determination will then apply to all games scheduled to be played on that field. Please let Charlie Laur at know as soon as this decision has been made.

PLEASE NOTE that, if your home field is determined to be unplayable, it is then the responsibility of the Parish Soccer Program to notify all coaches scheduled to play on that field including your coaches and the coaches of the opposing teams. In making these notifications, it is extremely important that you make personal contact with each coach. It is not acceptable to just leave a message (phone or text or e-mail) and assume that the coach has received the message. 

Finally, please note that, in all cases, the coaches have the ultimate responsibility to determine if it is safe for their players to play the game based upon the field conditions.