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Archdiocese of Baltimore Soccer Program

 COVID-19 - Safety Guidelines

(Revised as of August 2021)

ABSP Role:

The primary purpose of the ABSP Board in COVID-related situations is to insure that proper communication is made to any teams that might be affected. We are dependant on receiving timely information from coaches and parents to be able to promptly share the most accurate information available. However, in most situations, the ultimate responsibility for determining whether to play a scheduled soccer game rests with the team coaches and the team parents.


The ABSP expects that coaches, players, spectators and officials will follow all Local, State and CDC requirements with respect to Covid-19.   In addition, the ABSP has the following game day guidelines.  We are hopeful that with cooperation from all and compliance to the guidelines everyone will continue to remain safe and healthy.

  1. Based on Governor Hogan's proclamation, mask are not required for coaches, players, spectators, and officials. However, if you wish, you are free to wear them.  Masks are recommended, but not required for anyone who is not fully vaccinated.
  2. Each player and parent/guardian should bring their own hand sanitizer with them.
  3. Teams will sit on opposite sides of the field.
  4. Spectators should sit on the same side of their team
  5. Players on the sidelines should be spaced out. No team benches. Players should place their bags and water at a reasonable distance apart and return to their bag during breaks. Each player should remain at their bag until they return to the field or leave.
  6. Goalkeepers must wear gloves, teamates should refrain from sharing gloves
  7. At the end of each game – NO high fives or handshakes with your opponent and with the referee(s).
  8. After each game, avoid any type of gathering.
  9. When scheduling the games, we will do our best to limit the amount of time spent on the field and limit the changing of field locations.
  10. In the event of a positive Covid-19 case by any of the teams players or coaches, that Parish Coordinator or Coach are required to notify the ABSP board immediately.  That Parish Coordinator should also notify the last team they played against with a positive Covid-19 player.  Any impacted teams are expected to follow all Local, State and CDC requirements if they consider themselves in close contact with someone with Covid-19..

ABSP COVID-19 Process:

  • Any team that has a player who is exhibiting symptoms needs to notify the ABSP board immediately. That team will not play the following week out of an abundance of caution.
  • Any team that played a team with a player that tested positive or exhibiting systems, will be contacted and informed that they played a team who had a player who tested positive or exhibited symptoms. If that team does not have any players exhibiting symptoms, they will be allowed to play the following week. If they have any players reporting symptoms, they will not be allowed to play that following week.
  • Any games cancelled due to a player exhibiting symptoms will be treated the same as a rain delay or other canceled game for unplayable conditions and not subject to a forfiet. The programs involved will need to try and arrange to get the games in prior to the end of the season. The board will make every attempt to ensure referee coverage for any made up games scheduled.
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