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by ABSP . - Published on August 28, 2019 13:54

2019 Changes

Rule Change & Exception

The IFAB and FIFA rule changes for 2019 can be downloaded here.

We have amended the ABSP handbook which can also be downloaded here to reflect the following exception:

III. Soccer Rules
B. Special Rules
4. In U-10 and U-8 (clinic) games, on a goal kick, the ball cannot be played unless it leaves the penalty area.  (Cf. w. Law 16.)

PRE-GAME Handshake

Similar to the commrodety you & your children see in World Cup Soccer, we are encouraging all teams and coaches to participate in a Pre-Game handshake with their opponet after the pre-game equipment check has been completed.

While strong and vibrant competition is important in the development of young minds by teaching them the importance of working hard as individuals and as a team, we should also be teaching the importance of compasion and the responsibilities that come with both winning and losing and that there is always something greater in play than the game itself!

Please encourage your team and parents to join the philosphy listed below.

ABSP Philosophy

The DYYAM’s basic philosophy promotes active participation in organized sports and the sharing of responsibility to keep the competition in the proper perspective. This can be accomplished by helping to direct the athletic program toward the formation of strong Christian values in all participants. Parish coordinators and coaches must be the direct implementers of such a philosophy.

The purpose of the ABSP is to provide and promote an interparochial activity for boys and girls of the archdiocese which, if properly organized, will lead to the development of Christian ideals in youth regardless of religious denomination.

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