NEW RULES for 2019

by ABSP . - Published on June 27, 2019 13:57

The International Football Association Board (The IFAB) has adapted new rule changes for 2019. Since we follow IFAB / FIFA rules (with a few exceptions as outlined in the handbook), it is important for all involved to review these changes so that everyone is aware of how the games will be officiated. Our Referee Evaluation and Rules and Protest chairpersons would also like to extend and invitation for them to come out to your program and discuss these changes in person so that we can better eduatcte everyone involved (parents, players, coaches) during the games. 

CYO will be adding to the handbook and exception to: Goal kick, Law 16 which will be not be implemented for U-8 (clinic) & U-10 but will be implemented for ages after that.

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