Roster Deadline

by ABSP . - Published on September 17, 2018 00:00

September 17th is the deadline for submitting the team Rosters for your Parish Soccer Program, along with any required Waivers.

PLEASE NOTE that these materials must be submitted to the Registrar assigned to your parish soccer program  ---  please see page two of the enclosed Roster Instructions for the name of your Registrar.

Since we have greatly simplified the completion of the Rosters through the elimination of the player signatures and the eligibility codes, the Board will be assessing fines against any program whose roster materials are not submitted on a timely basis.

If you find that you might be a day or two late in submitting some or all of the roster information, please contact the Registrar in advance to let him know  ---  this will save him the trouble of contacting you.

In addition, please contact your Registrar directly if you have any questions concerning the completion of the Roster materials. 

Roster Instructions pdf

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