Referee Inspection

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CYO Referee Inspection Instructions:

In this post we will outline the instructions given to the referees for inspecting the area and participants, in order to create as safe of an envioronment as possible. Coaches and Parents are encouraged to review these instructions so that they can allieviate any issues prior to game time.

CYO Referee Inspection Instructions:

Check Field:

  • Ensure goals are weighted down
  • Nets are on goals and free of gaping holes
  • Flags are properly placed
  • Goal boxes are visible
  • Lines are visible
  • Field is playable

Call teams to center and advise both teams:

  • Teams and their parents on opposite sides of the field (where possible)
  • Substitutions are on either possession for throw ins
  • Either possession for goal kicks
  • Not on corner kicks
  • Not on penalties on the field
  • Injury can substitute one for one
  • No slide tackling

Check for:

  • Shirts tucked in
  • Shin guards under socks
  • No watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hard objects in hair
  • Glasses must have safety strap
  • No casts
  • Anything else that is dangerous in the opinion of the referee

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